Pam J.

WoW! What a fascination collection of sessions. All wonderful, interesting and inspirational in their own individual way! Thank you all for your hard work.

Caroline F.

The Recharge, Renew, and Refresh Retreat really delivered everything I needed after a long winter inside. It delivered on relevant information and techniques from a variety of modalities to start using in my life right away. It delivered on self-care, connection, and joy. Guided by knowledgable professionals, It was refreshing to be a part of group that became intimate very quickly. This retreat was honestly rejuvenating and centering. Thank you all so much!”

Natalie Stewart

Hello Lovely Ladies!
I just wanted to express my gratitude for each one of you for giving so much of yourselves to our amazing retreat. I enjoyed everyone and every moment of the weekend. It was beyond expectations and magical.
Thank you ALL!
Peace and blessings,

Dawn D.

Kerrie, I cannot thank you enough for organizing this retreat – I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Wendy Loew-Mari

I want to take this extra opportunity to thank you all.
This weekend opened many doors (and/or windows) for me.
It introduced me to new modalities and thought-ful zones.
It allowed me to meet likeminded, and not, women.
Women with an inner power…
Women interested in growing…
Women looking for a healthy body and soul…
(The men don’t know what they missed, but this would have been a very different weekend if there had been any in attendance…just saying ☺️)
A soul, or two or three, seeking new paths-of-thought and processing those thoughts, such as myself.
I have never gone on a ‘retreat’, only massive conventions (AFAA & IDEA, where at the last in-person-2019 convention there were 14,000+participants), workshops, and my MELT certification. Never anything personal nor nurturing… (though all of those did fill me to overflowing, and help me on my path)
My support team, my husband Rob, always supports me in any and every thing to help my body, and anything I want to do, which isn’t much more…and now my inner-self/spirit/soul…I feel I am the most fortunate person who walks this good earth, just saying…
I will be reaching-out to many of you for further exploration in to what your specialties are. For now, please know I value the time you gave to us, and the energy and expertise you shared.
May you all dream of light, calm, joy and happiness, and “beauty”…and so much more.
Kerrie, I didn’t really know what to expect with your Groove class (I had only done 1 song&dance from when you gave us a snippet 9 or months ago), and totally enjoyed myself. I will return… maybe even this coming week, I hope you don’t get sick of me. 🙃
Amanda, I really am looking forward to your Anatomy class, and I love Neurostrength, as Kerrie knows. Plus, I would love a reading, if that is possible.
Gloriana, I am sure I could use a proper ‘tuning’, and I know there are spider webs within me. I am always working to get “the monkey off my back” and feel I have done an excellent job of it, but….
Stacy, fascinating, really fascinating. I have had emails arrive on tapping, but never opened them (I hope they weren’t generated from/by you 🤭), so had no idea, none what-so-ever. Another go-round, possibly?
Nancy, I will be reaching-out, to you, to possibly take another “Primal moves” session. I am rather stiff, esp. at 6am, but loosened up very nicely. Thank you.
Halle, as I mentioned in the chat, I have been teaching Pilates Mat since late 1996, and have been fascinated by the idea of combining Pilates with MELT. I am very interested in that certification you mentioned, and hope more than H&F certification won’t be required (as that is my level, though I have been taking from Kerrie for over a year, and my knowledge is above H&F – if I may say).
Adriana, thank you for opening and closing the “Portal”, for using the Sea/Ocean as the focal destination/point – water is extremely important for/to us (Rob and myself). We have 2 homes – one 3 minutes away from the water and the weekend home (“analog house” = no Internet, nor cell coverage Friday evenings till Monday mornings) overlooks the Big Sur Coast with a 180* view from 1,000 above. I am an ice skater – I used to spend hours on ‘frozen’ water. We have done 50+ cruises. Yes, water is important to our spirit and soul. I am, also, very interested in the last part of you session, which lets the inner self give the message of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I didn’t write that well, but you know what I am writing about. Fascinating how it worked, w/out knowing what the heck I was doing. I would like to explore it…
So, to end, huge gratitude to you all. Stay safe, stay healthy, wash hands, and (my mantra since last March) WASH UNDER YOUR FINGERNAILS!!! No matter how short you keep them. And as MELTer’s I imagine they stay short.

Elaine B.

Having first experienced a MELT workshop at Kripalu with Kerrie and more recently via Zoom classes, I find her engaging, fun and an excellent instructor.
I use MELT to support my body’s flexibility and core strength. It is an invaluable self-care tool.

Lynn Waldron

Kerrie is an excellent teacher both in-person and on Zoom. She anticipates difficulties and offers ways to adjust…very generous with her knowledge.

Susan B.

I am a raving Kerrie fan! Because she is so much fun, patient, and clear with her instructions. I’ve attended numerous live and Zoom MELT workshops, her Groove Dance Zoom classes, and her studio dance sessions. I always look forward to her smiling, non-judgmental face.

Susan P.

Kerrie radiates kindness, energy, and support!

Darlene K.

Just got back from my walk which maybe just under 2 miles. AND I DID IT WITHOUT ONE STEP OF PAIN! That is the first time in about 8-9 years. I praised God and thanked him for finding you.

Donna S.

MELTing today was amazing! First time in four years I can feel my heal somewhat, I walked up AND down the stairs like a normal person. Thank you again!

Lisa T.

If you have chronic pain (like I did) I highly, highly recommend taking this course. It has changed my life. Once I started treating my pain with the MELT Method I felt good enough to start some gentle stretching then some yoga and now Pilates. It is a gentle pain-free way to help yourself feel better. If it hurts you are doing to much! I still use the MELT method when I have over done things and am tight or when I realize I’m not using my body correctly.

Alicia M.

Almost 2 years after a car accident Kerrie’s MELT class helped me relieve compression in my neck that had caused me daily pain. She taught me a technique that I can do at home to continue to relieve tension! I only wish I had done it sooner. Her knowledge and understanding of my specific condition helped me immensely!

Deanna R.

I just recently started going to Kerrie’s MELT classes. She is a great instructor. She explains all the moves and techniques very clearly and gives hands-on assistance. She is always available to answer questions or help you. Whether you are new to MELT or have been doing it for a while, you can go at your own comfort level. I plan to continue going to Kerrie’s MELT classes to learn more from her. MELT has helped relieve my neck & low back pain.

Pam C.

★★★★★ After walking around Boston one Saturday afternoon, the top of my foot and into my ankle had constant pain. Not knowing what to do, I took out my melt balls and did a foot treatment. I was AMAZED at the result. Almost immediately I felt relief and was completely pain free by morning. I am a total believer…

Joyce P.

I am so grateful to Kerrie for bringing MELT to Westfield or I would still be feeling stuck with a middle-age body that I didn’t recognize as me anymore. The past few years have involved personal losses and life events through which I accumulated stress in my body that aged me and left me resisting getting down on my yoga mat in spite of an extensive background with yoga practice. Heck… I am married to a masterful yoga instructor but I was feeling pretty stuck and like all I wanted was massage. But that was never gonna happen on my income. I went to my first MELT class, “fell in love” with Kerrie as an instructor, and my life has changed. Kerrie is kind, cheerful, knowledgeable, down to earth and guides with clarity. I look forward to seeing her and I have been attending regularly which has made it possible for me to practice at home which is amazing. I actually WANT to do it and I experience immediate results every time, sometimes subtle and sometimes profound. And I don’t spend a lot of time at it. I do the foot treatment several times a week and I do a little bit on the roller once or twice. I am naturally increasing my MELT time because it is so good for me. MELT is a life-saver. I am becoming more myself and my life is flowing better because my nervous system is getting the soothing it needs as if I was getting massage but it’s better because I can do it myself. This method is truly priceless. Thank you Kerrie!

Reese C.

This is a workshop NOT to miss… I can personally vouch for this program… MELT really works.. I have dealt with more chronic pain in my knees and back for years than I can remember.. The techniques in MELT have really helped to eliminate all of that… The MORE you do it, the more balance and hydration are restored to your body and the better you will BE (not just ‘feel’)… Kerrie Bodendorf is an awesome guide through this workshop and is very knowledgeable… Sign up today!!! Tell her I sent you.

David K.

After over four months of chronic low back pain from a damaged disk, and chiropractic adjustments every week or two, I got significant relief from just a few MELT sessions! The range of motion possible without pain increased and the benefits were long lasting. But even without this experience, I would MELT regularly for the calm energy I feel afterwards.

Bonnie M.

You did a demo last Saturday at the Abundant Wellness Center in Chicopee and my mother and I participated. Something wonderful happened as a result of MELT. My mother has been experiencing knee problems for the last year or so. After the session her knee pain is gone and continues to be gone to this day.

Lori S.

It was so lovely to spend a weekend feeling taken care of by you and the amazing team that you gathered together! They each brought such rich and diverse experiences for us. I signed up for the Melt classes- was so excited for them- and was delighted by the other sessions. I've done a fair amount of personal work and self-care has been a major survival tool for my sanity through some very difficult situations. I don't need to be convinced or encouraged to seek self-care, but it is always helpful to hear others who are struggling with finding this for themselves. It reinforces my resolve for my personal practice, and helps me better understand how to manage myself with others, especially in my professional practice. Blessings to you and the team for a great experience. Thank you!
Deep bow of gratitude,


Thank You for the outstanding Melt method month long New Years challenge. It was inspirational, motivational and educational. Just what I needed to commit and incorporate Melt into my daily routine. I looked forward everyday to seeing you, melting and feeling more alive each day. Again, soo many thanks.

Cara F.

You are such a fantastic teacher that cares about your clients both their physical well being and mental well being. You dedicate yourself to offering relevant and also motivating classes. Your super clear instructions along with light humor offer a pleasant atmosphere, both virtually and in person. I appreciate all that you do!


I have been doing Melt with Kerrie using Zoom since March. She is patient and listens to her students . She tries to meet their needs by adapting her classes. MELT has been beneficial to me with helping with stiffness, balance, and range of motion.

Kristin H.

I have been Melting with Kerrie for about 6 years and I can say without a doubt, it has made a tremendous difference in my life for dealing with chronic pain. Kerrie has managed to continue sharing her gifts through ZOOM and kept us all doing well providing stress, muscle, and anxiety relief through her MELT classes. Kerrie is a wonderful teacher/guide. She teaches her techniques in a very simple, easy format anyone can follow. Love Kerrie! Love MELT!


MELT is awesome for reducing pain, helping me stay aligned and stretching. Kerrie is a fabulous, energetic teacher. She is highly knowledgeable and can offer other moves if a person isn’t able to do the full technique. She loves teaching and you can tell because of the sparkle in her eye!

Laureen Scibinico

I have been practicing MELT on Zoom with Master Trainer Kerrie Bodendorf for several months now.
Kerrie is a wonderful teacher and MELT really works for me. I notice that I feel lighter and more flexible after a Melt class. And recently I discovered that when I do a quick MELT at home before a Yoga class, I have great results. I am happy that I discovered Kerri’s on-line Zoom/Melt class.

Lulu S.

I’ve been a MELTer for many years and it’s my go-to whenever I’m having issues with my back or any type of aches/pains. From the moment I met Kerrie, she’s been a compassionate, and kind friend. More than our trainer, she’s truly concerned about how we’re doing and what she can do to help us. My daughter is also a MELTer and feels the same. So grateful for the day I found Melt!

Marlene Wong

I am very fortunate to have been introduced to the MELT Method by Kerrie Bodendorf, one of the original seven MELT master trainers. Locals (and Zoomers) are so fortunate to be able to experience Kerrie’s enthusiasm, competence, and commitment to Sue Hitzmann’s brilliant take on a practice that can make a difference in everyone’s daily handle on life.

Cindy Fullerton

Kerrie is a master MELT trainer who is very comfortable on Zoom and makes the classes fun! She has been a lifesaver for me during this pandemic. I look forward to every class.

Kathy C.

I met Kerrie when I participated in an in-depth intro course that she taught at Kripalu last year. I was familiar with the MELT Method because many of the principles are used in Pilates which I have studied for years, but did not have a deep understanding of the techniques nor the science behind it. MELT is gentle but very precise so it can fool you into thinking that it will not make changes in your body because we are all used to tougher and more rigorous physical disciplines. Kerrie does a fantastic job of cuing and coaching and guiding her students, reassuring them that they don’t have to go to the point of pain to see changes in their bodies. She has been offering virtual classes the last four months and I have been so happy to be able to have her as a teacher during these crazy times. I’ve experienced such relief from muscle tension and stress due to her deep knowledge and excellent teaching of the MELT Method.

Dianne D.

Kerrie Bodendorf is an excellent teacher whose energy is transmitted to the class whether in person or through online media. It’s obvious she believes in her product and she sends that message loud and clear. Kerrie makes MELT fun and the time passes very quickly, a testament to her teaching skill.


Hello Kerrie,
I am writing to thank you (and Joyce) for the intensive melt program I attended at Kripalu. Your knowledge, skill and teaching ability has made such a difference in my life. You had introduced the program as self-care. I was skeptical, as I have tried many programs, never really sticking to them.
I left Kripalu feeling better than I have in years. I have been keeping up with the program, so much so that I purchased the annual melt subscription and look forward to melting!
Thank you and happy melting!

C. Clark

At the age of fifty something I realized I was not getting any younger and in fact my body felt like it was getting OLD ! I had problems with arthritis joints and bum knee that I was told needed knee replacement surgery two years ago. I started MELT class about 5 weeks ago with Kerrie and the thing I loved the most was you noticed changes in your body immediately, after all I am all about instant gratification. I also noticed I was sleeping better, but the really amazing thing that happened was that I had gone out for a night on the town with friends and had done a considerable amount of dancing that evening. I loved to dance so sitting on the sidelines is not an option, but every other time I would pay the price and not be able to move for sometimes days afterwards. I am happy say I did not have pain the next day and I totally attribute this to the amazing MELT classes I have been taking with Kerrie. So a million thanks to you for the gift I have received, I look forward to many more MELT classes and lots more dancing.

Susan A.

Just started with the Melt Method and the experience has been fabulous! I left the studio so relaxed and just feeling great. Can’t wait to continue the experience with subsequent classes. Kerrie is a great instructor, very detailed and answers emails super quick.

Vicki L.

Melt Method with Kerrie in Westfield, MA is a positive impact on keeping your physical and mental health in check. I am in my 50’s starting to feel the aging process effect my body but with melt in my life I feel more balanced and centered. It is easy to do at home which you can incorporate in your busy lifestyle. Breathing, stretching, and using balls and a roller to hydrate your muscles is a true gift for yourself. Try it and find out how it can change your whole outlook!

Danielle P.

I have been foot melting with the balls for about 3 months now. Before I started, I had a large keyloid scar on the top of my foot from lava rock. It often ached and it was bright red in color. After a couple weeks of melting, it starting decreasing in size and the color started returning back to flesh color. Now a few months later, it is almost gone and there is no pain on it any more. I feel like I’m giving one of those weird testimonies, but honestly, this is all true! Thanks, Kerrie!!!!

Heather W.

The MELT Method is a great self-treatment that can be done at home that has an immediate effect. The foot MELT has the greatest and most surprising effect on my body. It is amazing that you can really treat the whole body using those little balls.
Kerrie is a fabulous instructor, and truly has a gift for customizing the treatments for any individual needs or physical limitations.

Valerie L.

Thank you so much for introducing me to MELT!
I absolutely loved it!
I can’t wait to learn more!!!

Renee C.

Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, that’s when I get up, MELT for a few minutes and fall asleep fast! It’s a natural alternative to sleeping pills….
I LOVE it!

Sue Czuchra

It was that time of the month and I had a nasty migraine going on its 2nd day. The Melt class was that evening… I really didn’t feel like leaving the house but I pushed myself to and I’m happy that I did. We started with a mini MELT treatment on the hands. To my amazement my migraine vanished. I couldn’t believe it. I had the headache for two days and never thought to MELT. That was my 3rd wonderful experience melting. I take my ball kit with me when I travel. I do the MELT hand treatment when I’m on the plane. The MELT method is incredible. I always feel amazing afterwards. Kerrie is a wonderful instructor who’s love and light shines. I’ve urged my friends to come and try MELT. It’s a gift you can give to yourself or to anyone to help improve the quality of one’s life. AWESOME!!! Thank you, Kerrie!

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