MELT Instructor Testimonials

Aly Jaffe

Here is what I would say about Kerrie’s round round robin sessions…
As a new instructor they gave me a safe place to practice sequences and learn from Kerrie as well as other instructors.   Kerrie is so helpful and encouraging and there is nothing intimidating about these sessions.  In fact they completely gave me a boost in confidence.  I got into a habit of practicing new sequences, in the round robin sessions, and then incorporating them into classes I was teaching the following week.  That way I could teach knowing I had worked out any kinks in my cueing, and my classes seem to flow much more seamlessly.  I feel like these sessions were invaluable in helping me become a better MELT instructor.

Lori S.

The hand and foot review class with Kerrie was so helpful to strengthen my knowledge and confidence with these techniques. Because of the strong emphasis on science in the original training, having the opportunity to unpack it all again, especially after several years, deepened my appreciation for the intelligence of this work. Reviewing the techniques, especially with Kerrie's experience from teaching them for so many years, was more helpful than I expected. I also benefited from the other instructor's experiences and questions. I have new ideas and applications as a result of taking this class - well worth it!

Edya Kalev

It doesn’t matter how many trainings you’ve taken, there is always something to learn from Kerrie.  Her insightful, compassionate teaching illuminates the MELT techniques and language in new ways, building on what you already know and creating a new depth of understanding.  In these past 4 weeks that I have taken her Level 1 Review, my students have commented that they love the new tricks and tips I've learned from her, and noticed some amazing results at the end of class.  I’ll be attending all of Kerrie’s instructor workshops, and you should too!

Caroline F.

I recently participated in Master Trainer Kerrie Bodendorf’s instructor refresh training on zoom.  As a Neurostrength level MELT instructor, I find that there is always something to learn going back to the basics. I believe it’s important to keep the cueing fresh so that our clients have new ways to connect to the techniques. Kerrie really knows how to teach the Melt Method to the general public. Her cueing is simple and accurate - and she manages to make it fun as well

Shirley M.

I did find the Level One classes extremely valuable.  The two hours were packed with information and the four weeks went by quickly.  You included many modifications that are necessary for doing classes with older adults.  The session using the half roller on the pelvis was my favorite and I felt totally different results after that class than when I use the full roller. Shearing the upper back with the half roller was amazing and something I would not have thought possible.  Thank you for your candor in explaining your background, your many trainings and still struggling to get clients.  The comments and questions from the other instructors so helpful as well.  MELT is necessary for me in order to keep active as I get older and I was sure everyone that tried it would want to continue but its challenging to encourage clients to stay with it as the results need time.  Gaining the ability to be a ‘great’ teacher takes time, lots of learning and practice.

Catherine Lillibridge

I signed up for Kerrie’s Instructor Series as a new L1 Instructor. I had simultaneously begun online teaching as well as attending Kerrie’s classes to learn as much as I could from her teaching style. My own students told me they saw my teaching abilities get better and better over the month. It was a lot of MELT immersion for me and totally worth it! Kerrie is great at cueing the moves and explaining the foundational elements of the techniques.

Ilene B.

Your workshops and classes are so fantastic! I always learn something new! I just love everything you teach! It is so great that you decided to do all of this and reached out to me especially during Covid! It has kept my mind occupied with this wonderful way of healing our bodies! It is always something fun and helpful to look forward to!


I think my inspiration and motivation for practicing and teaching the HAND & FOOT Treatments has been exponentially blossomed.  I learned so many details that improved the process and results. It was great and I feel renewed and ready to  pass on what I have learned and experienced. You were fun to study with and I appreciate your high skill and mastery of the MELT METHOD! Thanks for everything!

Bess P.

Thanks Kerrie!  
These refreshers are so valuable.   I love Sue but I will say she is so focused and “on” that much of her teaching just poured through me and while a lot stuck, some did not.  You are fabulous in your presentation, a great compliment to both of your approaches!

Adele Challis

This level one instructor series with Kerrie was perfect for clarifying and improving my cueing for all the moves. I literally learned something new on every move!
If it's been a while since you have taken a refresher for level one this is the perfect time to pick up on anything you may have missed during your initial training. Kerrie is extremely knowledgeable and was very good about answering questions until the answer was understood.  She completely covered modifications and 1/2 roller. Also very helpful was learning how she helped clients to learn how to find the tuck and tilt and how to micro adjust themselves to get the best out of the moves.

Regina G.

If you are wondering if you need to take this refresher course with Kerrie, I think you would not be disappointed. Kerrie is approachable, knowledgeable and kind in her delivery. I am very happy I gave myself the time spent getting to know these moves through Kerrie’s perspective and expertise. I truly believe it has made me a better instructor myself. Thank you.

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